Video Performance for Holī on 29th of March 

Venue: social medias, Facebook, Instagram

Vṛkṣa-The tree, Dance performance at the University Campus Vienna

Radha Anjali and Natya Mandir Dance Company

5th July 2021 at 18:00

Vṛkṣa, the fabled wish fulfilling tree of life is mentioned in Vedic scriptures, in particular the Samudramanthan, as emerging from the mythical churning of the ocean. 

As in the fairy tales of old, Vṛkṣa tells his own story, portrayed here through dance and modern visuals. This dance project builds a bridge between ancient Indian myths and our modern times with a strong focus on the current state of the environment, humanity and as well the Covid-19 crisis. 

Peace Pagoda Festival

Since many years Radha Anjali and her students are supporting the Peace Pagoda Festival with classical dance performances.

Date to be fixed.

Classical Dance Performance for the Independence Day of India @75 

by Radha Anjali and Natya Mandir Dance Company

15th of August

Classical Sitar Concert by Henning Kirmse and Ashis Paul

Henning Kirmse and Ashis Paul invite the audience to a musical journey. Henning Kirmse has been studying Sitar intensively since the late 1990s and is a student of Partha Chatterjee. Ashis Paul is from Calcutta and studied with the well-known tabla virtuoso Anindo Chatterjee and is traveling around the world as a well-known Indian musician.

Date to be fixed.

Book presentation:

„Ulto sulto - anders betrachtet-Reisevignetten aus Indien und Nepal“

by Linda Kreiss. Draupadi Verlag ISBN 978-3-945191-49-1

Date: November 2021

Vienna Margam - a Bharatanāṭyam performance by dancers and students of Natya Mandir Vienna celebrating the 75 years of Indias Independence. 

The performance shows the special way how Indian culture, especially the art of Bharatanāṭyam is practised in Vienna. In the last century this dance has undergone a transformation. From temples and courts to the world stage. The performance will depict aspects of this transformation. 

Date to be fixed.

Exhibition: INDIA Photos and sketches - a retrospective

Photos and (architectural) sketches by Jalil and Jahan Saber Zaimian.

Venue: IndianEmbassy or Natya Mandir Studio.

Time: December 2021 to January 2022 

Performance for the Republic Day of India @75

by Radha Anjali and Natya Mandir Dance Company

26th of January

Classical Concert 

by artists yet to organise. Date to be fixed.

Lecture about 75 years on the Independence of India 

by an expert to be choosen yet. Date to be fixed.

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