7. Dezember 2021 - VERSCHOBEN AUF JÄNNER 2022!

Buch Präsentation

„Ulto sulto - anders betrachtet-Reisevignetten aus Indien und Nepal“

von Linda Kreiss. Draupadi Verlag ISBN 978-3-945191-49-1

Ort: Natya Mandir Studio, Börseplatz 3/1D

Beginn: 18 Uhr

Nur mit Anmeldung: austriaindia@gmail.com 

Es gilt die 3G Regel

Planned Performance for the Republic Day of India @75

by Radha Anjali and Natya Mandir Dance Company in cooperation with the In dian Embassy Vienna

26th of January

Vienna Margam - a Bharatanāṭyam performance by dancers and students of Natya Mandir Vienna celebrating the 75 years of Indias Independence. The performance shows the special way how Indian culture, especially the art of Bharatanāṭyam is practised in Vienna. In the last century this dance has undergone a transformation. From temples and courts to the world stage. The performance will depict aspects of this transformation.

planned for  March 2022

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